marți, 16 februarie 2016

Is PCLinuxOS Is the Best Rolling Release Distro?

Certainly many Linux users think that Arch is the best rolling release distro, yet there are reasons that PCLinuxOS earns that title.

I realize the title of this article has already set some of you into a state of confusion. How dare I suggest that anything besides Arch could be the "best" rolling release distro, right?

Well I'd counter with this: Arch is indeed awesome, it has dizzying fast performance and documentation that is second to none...however it's modeled around the "Arch Way." Meaning, if you want to learn more about Linux and its underpinnings, Arch is for you.

On the other hand if you simply want an operating system that you install once and it's ready for you right out of the box, then perhaps Arch isn't for you. This is where I believe PCLinuxOS comes in.

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