luni, 4 aprilie 2016

Installing PCLinuxOS with UEFI Boot: An excellent release

A new release of PCLinuxOS was made recently, and there is very good news - it will install for UEFI Boot.

Earlier this week I realized that there had recently been a new release of PCLinuxOS. It was not as easy or obvious as you might think to notice this, because there was no release announcement that I have been able to find, even on their own web page.
What's more, on the desktop-specific download pages they have removed the version number and release dates, so you can't even tell there if/when there has been a release.
This seems like a rather odd approach to me, but I suppose they have a reason for it. PCLinuxOS is a rolling-release distribution, so perhaps they are trying to avoid having people reinstall from scratch every time there is a new ISO image. In principle, once you have installed PCLinuxOS all you have to do is keep current with updates, and you will always have the 'latest' version.
Anyway, whatever the reasons, background and politics of this release, there is a lot of good news, so let's get busy.

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